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The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women


President’s Message

Angie Godin, BPW Canada President 2022 - 2024
Angie Godin, BPW Canada President 2022 - 2024

I am honoured and humbled to be the incoming President of BPW Canada. I want to thank everyone for their support and kindness that’s been shown to me through the past year in transitioning into the First VP role and now as your president. I am excited and motivated to work with our members throughout this organization. I look forward to communicating from the members that have been here for an impressive amount of time with invaluable knowledge to the new members who offer a new and different perspective as well. I will seek inspiration from all members alike and look forward to keeping the bridge connected between local clubs and national.

I look forward to working with the incoming board and the amazing people that are part of it in achieving our goals. I’ve had some anxiety coming into this role from being a fairly new member of BPW with not as much experience to offer compared to other members, however with the collective experience of the board I believe this will make us all effective. Similar to raising our kids and the saying that it takes a village, I believe these roles also take a collective group effort. No one member has to do it alone as our sisterhood and bond and common goals unite us and will help bring about change and I’m proud to be your voice & leader for the next 2 years.

As I thought of what to say in this speech, I drew a blank. Not because I have a lack of words, anyone who knows me knows that’s not the truth. It’s the fact that this is such an important role for an inspiring organization. What can one say to make this transition and say the right things? I don’t think there is necessarily a right thing to say. I can promise to give everything I can in this role and just hope that I do it justice like the amazing people before me like from the famous five’s fight to include women as “persons” in the eye of the law to the history of amazing past presidents of BPW Canada.

We are growing our voices with each step like achieving the consultative status at the UN recently. I believe as we continue to be part of the conversation and initiating conversations we will continue to bring about change and I’m excited to be a part of it. Thank you.

Angie Godin
BPW Canada President 2022-2024

Lena Madesin Phillips

“Let us build together and see what we can make.”

Lena Madesin Phillips, founder and first President of BPW International, 1930