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The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women

Reproductive Rights & Justice

Chair of the Reproductive Rights and Justice Committee – Norma Yau

Email Norma at [email protected] to join our group. All are welcome.

“The reproductive rights framework is largely centered on achieving women’s individualistic reproductive freedom through the legal system and has historically focused largely on the pro-choice and pro-life debate, sex education, and family planning.

The reproductive justice framework acknowledges the ways that socioeconomic status, gender, and race shape reproductive health care experiences and health policy.

Essentially, the reproductive rights framework is a more individualistic and legal approach, while reproductive justice is expansive, intersectional, and holistic.”



The three webinars on Reproductive Rights and Justice (RRaJ) which included learning, discussion, information that was new, and just a chance to meet women working in this area were a huge success.

Meghan Doherty of Action Canada, Rachel Cairns of Aborsh podcast and Stephanie Begun of the University of Toronto were amazing presenters. Not surprising some of their content overlapped but their perspectives gave us a much broader picture of not only the issues surrounding RRaJ, but also the work being done and left to be done. Our group is happy to have made these new connections for ongoing activities of BPW Canada.

You can also view the Reproductive Rights and Justice (RRaJ) webinars on Youtube.

Reproductive Rights And Justice Webinar – February 15, 2023. Featuring Meghan Doherty.

Reproductive Rights And Justice Webinar – March 15, 2023. Featuring Rachel Cairns.

Reproductive Rights And Justice Webinar – April 19, 2023. Featuring Stephanie Begun


RRaJ Website Link: – we invite you to bookmark the site to keep up to date on all our events and all kinds of information and links that we will post to it this year.

RRaJ 2024 Events

Event invitations are for all BPW members and anyone they feel might wish to attend. We welcome all who are interested and concerned about reproductive health issues.

Join us at BPW Canada’s 49th Convention to hear Dr. Martha Paynter from the University of New Brunswick speak on Bodily Autonomy: Reproductive Rights and Justice


All the details to register can be found in the flyer above or at BPW Canada’s convention registration links.

We invite all attendees to bring a menstrual cup or purchase one just prior to the start of the event at the event location for a special project.

If you wish to sponsor this event in any way, please reach out to [email protected] for a conversation.

This is your chance to hear Canada’s expert in reproductive health and author of Abortion to Abolition: Reproductive Health and Justice in Canada in person.

BPW RRaJ Sunday Klatch:

(Klatch is an informal gathering for the purposes of conversation)

These five events will occur on one Sunday night each month from March 2024 to July 2024. Use this time to join us for your relaxation, safe and calm but spirited discussion, and thoughts to be pondered on going forward from each event for the lead up to BPW Canada 2024 Convention in Moncton N.B in August 2024.

Registration Link for all events – choose all or whichever you can attend:

BPW Canada 2024 Convention in Moncton N.B. in August 2024:

An RRaJ session will be held on Sunday, August 11, 2024 in the morning at convention. Planning has started and stayed tuned to this website, our RRaJ website (see link above), our events (see above), future BPW Canada newsletters, and Convention information mailings for details as they become available. We are very excited about our possible agenda so keep your fingers crossed that everything works out for us.