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The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women


BPW Canada Events


BPW Canada holds a National Convention every 2 years, on even-numbered years (e.g. 2000, 2002, 2004). A National AGM is held in the alternating odd-numbered years (e.g. 2001, 2003, 2005). Both events are usually held in the late summer.

  • BPW Convention – August 9-11, 2024. View the NATIONAL AGM/CONVENTION 2024 page for more information.


  • BPW Canada’s Facebook Events Page is updated frequently and includes BPW events across Canada and the world plus events of interest to BPW members and friends. Please note, the list is not complete, interested in a BPW Canada event in your area, find a club near you!.

BPW International Events


REGISTER TODAY for the BPWC Human Trafficking Webinar Series; Anti-Human Trafficking Priority Theme.

We are pleased to share this update from the Anti-Human Trafficking Priority Theme Taskforce and participating Business and Professional Women Clubs.

This is your invitation into Conversations vital in addressing: Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Canada. An informative series, you will hear actual incites, current trends, survivor lived experiences, and professional stakeholder conversations vital to our personal and organizational understanding. Learning together we are excited to present esteemed experts who will give real time recommendations to empower women in their participation to end one of the most egregious forms of violence, control, and manipulation of women and girls known in history.

Hosted by: Business and Professional Women Canada Task Force and Clubs

What to Expect:
*Survivor ADVOCATES & EXPERT Panelists
*Experiential Leaders & Educational Advocates
*Program and Community Development Experts
*Safety Housing and Peer Support Specialists
*National Organizations and Industry Specialists

Webinar Series – SAVE THE DATES and REGISTER using the links below:

Session 1: Sunday April 7th 6:30 pm EST Health & Supports.
Host Club BPW North Toronto – Pauline Platt.
Registration Link:

Session 2: Sunday May 5th 6:30 pm EST Housing & Programs.
Host Club BPW Bowmanville – Tina Jordan.
Registration Link:

Session 3: Sunday June 9th 6:30 pm EST Legal Landscapes.
Host Club BPW Hastings & Prince Edward – Jennifer May-Anderson.
Registration Link:

Session 4: Sunday July 28th 6:30 pm EST Eradicate Challenge Party.
Host Club TBA.
Registration Link:

Session 5: August 9th 9 am ADT
In person at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Moncton, NB
Registration – TBA

Email: [email protected] for support. Webinar courtesy protocol is in place.

For security, you need to register for each meeting separately. 

Please share widely with your colleagues, after you register yourself first, as we have limited space—first come, first reserved. *Public Attendees from all Sectors Welcome.

After registering, your zoom link and passcode will be sent. Please refrain from sharing your passcode.

We look forward to receiving your registration and full participation in support of this timely Business and Professional Women Canada priority theme series.


BPW RRaJ Sunday Klatch:

Klatch is an informal gathering for the purposes of conversation.

These five events will occur on one Sunday night each month from March 2024 to July 2024. Use this time to join us for your relaxation, safe and calm but spirited discussion, and thoughts to be pondered on going forward from each event for the lead up to BPW Canada 2024 Convention in Moncton N.B in August 2024.

Registration Link for all events – choose all or whichever you can attend:

Premier of Alberta - 2016 Centennial Gala

BPW Canada’s 2016 National Convention was hosted by BPW Calgary.

The Convention and Gala was a celebration of 100 Years of Canadian Women’s right to vote.

Read the Complete Letter Click here to view photos from the 2016 BPW Canada Convention.