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BPW Canada has been recognized for its many projects over the years, from the Women's Empowerment Principles to Equal Pay awareness campaigns and submission of Briefs to Government including the need to declare Equal Pay Day nationally, the fight against human trafficking and being a voice for the Indigenous people.

Briefs result from Resolutions, developed mainly by local clubs, and passed at a National AGM/Convention that contain directives to urge the federal government and/or as appropriate specific ministries to take some sort of action. Opportunities to meet with the ministries affected by the resolutions enclosed in the brief are requested/granted. These meetings provide a further opportunity to strengthen our relationships with decision-makers and to reinforce how and why we feel our resolutions should be implemented.

Organizations such as the United Nations and other foreign governments from all over the world have acknowledged and applauded BPW's efforts to improve conditions for all women. Our mission, vision, aims and principles guide us to our ultimate goal which is to improve conditions for all women.

 Priority Issues: 2020 - 2022


Advocacy Across Canada

Clubs across Canada work on advocacy issues. Some of the methods utilized are the development of resolutions, community workshops/seminars, community marches and protests etc.

Advocacy Across Canada

BPW Canada Clubs
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