The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women

BPW Canada

BPW Canada President

Karin Gorgerat, BPW Canada President
2020 - 2022

I am truly honoured to have been elected President of BPW Canada and following the footsteps of those that have held this position before me. I thank everyone for their support and confidence and I commit to working hard over the next 2 years with the talented women that are now on the BPW Canada board. Teamwork is going to be key in achieving our goals, and I know we are all anxious to work with clubs and help them with their needs. BPW Canada is your voice and I want to make sure that clubs and members don’t think that they are an island, we are here for you.

My vision is to keep BPW Canada moving forward in the work that has been done over the past 90 years, to continue to change and improve the lives of women.

We can do that by Inspiring each other and continuing to support and mentor our BPW sisters. By respecting what we all bring to the table, the potential of what we can achieve is extraordinary.

The possibilities for what BPW Canada can be are unmeasurable – I like to look at it like a tree.

It starts with the roots that started 90 Years ago when BPW Canada began at the same time as BPW International – can you imagine the strength of those women in 1930 and what it would have taken for them to travel to Geneva, Switzerland to meet with the 16 countries to form an International Federation? It is the strength of those women that we build out roots upon. In 1931 one of the 1st Resolutions passed was from Montreal Club, and it was that BPW Canada disfavours any discrimination on women based solely on their Married Status. From there in 1947 BPW International achieved Consultative Status with the UN to work to improve things for women around the world.

As our tree continued to grow our branches stretched out to include critical work to improve the lives of women in areas such as – Mentoring and Leadership and Personal Development, and lobbying for issues on Equal Pay, Human Trafficking, Violence against Women just to name a few – think about how many branches we have grown since 1930 and think of the possibilities of how many more branches we can grow.

So with these in mind, I believe the theme "Inspiring each other to new possibilities" fits into what we can do while building on what is already here. We have the best tools needed to make this happen – our members with their energy, ideas and commitment.

Just as COVID has shaken our world, it has significantly impacted how BPW operates at every level of the organization. BPW Canada is going to benefit greatly from having a board that offers both a good mix of experience and stability that can guide the organization as well as embrace the innovation and new ideas required to maintain and grow a strong BPW Canada. I am very excited to be a part of it and look forward to the Inspiration and New Possibilities that come from it. Thank you.

Karin Gorgerat,
BPW Canada President 2020-2022