Who We Are

The Canadian Coalition to Empower Women was formed to advance equality between women and men, girls and boys in Canada; recognizing it is essential to build strong economies, establish more stable and just societies, and improve the quality of life for all women, men and their families in communities across Canada. 

Our Goal

Grounded in the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and leveraging the empowerwomen.org platform for change we;

  • Start the dialogue by acknowledging that it will take all of us and all interested parties from every stakeholder group to make gender equality a reality in Canada,
  • Build partnerships with businesses of all sizes, government at all levels, and all other stakeholders including civil society, community service, business and labour organizations,
  • Explore and promote awareness of the benefits of gender equality,
  • Promote Women’s Economic Empowerment Community Building events and activities
  • Invite all interested parties to become signatories to the CCEW Statement of Support
  • Introduce the UN Global Compact and UN Women CEO WEPs Statement of Support to medium and large businesses that meet the UN WEPs criteria and assist with their submission.

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We support the UN Global Compact & UN Women WEPs
Womens Empowerment Principles

CCEW Signatories

Join the growing number of more than 105 progressive and mindful leaders from businesses of all shapes and sizes, governments at all levels and others including civil society, business and labour, and community service organizations that have stepped up to promote gender equality across Canada.

SDG largeBy starting the conversation, signing the CCEW statement of support and encouraging others to do likewise, you can help Canada take a leading role to achieve 50-50 by 2030.                                                                      

The UN Secretary Generals Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in particular SDG # 5 Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls is recognized as a major contributing factor for sustainable development.                                                                          


SDG wheel long


Our most recent signatories...





President Grace Hollett - CFUW



  Lesli Malegus Selkirk Marlin Travel Copy

  Kelly Lewis Packers Fashion
Leslie Malegus - Selkirk Marlin Travel                Kelly Lewis - Packers Fashion

 Rosalie Shantz Big Dollar Store 

  Elizabeth Swirsky Shops of St. Andrews
Rosalie Shantz-Big Dollar Store     Elizabeth Swirsky - Shops of St. Andrews



FEMinSTEM Mylene signing


Mark S Morrissey House

Mylene Grace Tu - Founder FEMinSTEM  

Mark Serré - Morrissey House 

ERP Sandy Jodie Liz

      Teresa Harwash Home Health

Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce, Jodie Arthurs & Liz NealERP Trillium LLP

  Teresa  Hawash - Total Home & Health Care

Deb M Farms

  Athenia Publishing T Traill
Deborah Mathias - Graham Creek Farm     Terry Traill- Athenian Publishing  

Kris Mcdonald

  Lisa Chapman Natural Therapies
Kristine D. McDonald  - Disability Consulting   Lisa Chapman - Natrual Touch Therapies   




BPW Saskatoon

From Left to Right, Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik (Athena Founding Member), Lisa Steinhilber (Advocacy Director),
Caval Olson-Lepage (BPW Saskatoon President) and Krista Martens (BPW Saskatoon Vice President)


What's New

Women's Empowerment Consultation - The Ministry of Status of Women Ontario

Have your say! Share your feedback about how to create an Ontario where all women and girls achieve their full social and economic potential.  Read the Economic Empowerment Discussion Paper and respond to the online survey by August 15, 2017. 


Bank of Montreal Stepping Up!

Bank of Montreal, Mckenzie Box and Melissa Sampth-Persaud accept a Commendation presented by BPW Canada, Vice President Karin Gorgeratt, joined by BPW Ontario President Maide Yazar - October 25th, 2016 

BMO by BPW Canada

Congratulations to BMO for its recognition at the 2017 Gender Equality Awards sponsored by Global Compact Network Canada for its progress related to:

Principle 1: Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality,

Principle 4: Promote education, training and professional development for women, and

Principle 5: Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women.

Check out the BMO submission on the Global Compact Network Canada website. 

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CCEW Events

Women's Economic Empowerment Community Building Event

Hosted by BPW Bowmanville and the Municipality of Clarington, Ontario - for more details click here

Recognition of CCEW signatories at Womens Empowerment Community Building Event Clarington

Congratulations to the recipients of the CCEW Empowerment Award at  the Women's Economic Empowerment Community Event:

  • Carrie Andrews - Inner Bloom Coaching
  • Granville Anderson - MPP Clarington
  • Joanne Cox - BPW Durham
  • Barb Hore - BPW Brampton
  • Franny Jewitt - Impact Genetics
  • Heather Mott-Ellis - BPW Trenton & District
  • Marissa McTasney - Moxie Trades Ltd.
  • Linda Rice - BPW North Toronto
  • Corinna Traill - Barrister & Solicitor

Sponsors: Ontario Power Generation, Women Offering Knowledge and Skills (W.O.R.K), Muncipality of Clarington, BPW Canada


 Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) Community Building Infographic

 Interested in Hosting a WEE Communtiy Building Event? - Contact Us

 WEPS Calendar of Events - Planning an event?  

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 CCEW Empowerment Award Presentation - Empowering Women Leaders Program

Edwards CCEW AwardNational Convention - Winnipeg Manitoba

Jill Salamon (right) with the Edwards School of Business receives the CCEW Empowerment Award on behalf of the University of Saskatchewan Executive Education Program.

Doris Hall BPW Women's Empowerment Chair (left) and Sheila Crook UN Global Champion for Women's Economic Empowerment (centre)









The CCEW is pleased to invite all parties to demonstrate their support to advance Women’s Empowerment in Canada by signing the Canadian Coalition to Empower Women statement of support.              

To learn more click to download the;

CCEW Introductory Letter                                            French Introductory letter NEW!

Become a Signatory to the Canadian Coalition to Empower Women download the;                                       

CCEW Statement of Support                                        French Statement of Support   NEW!

CCEW Signatory List - Join the groing lists of CCEW Signatories


In addition, the CCEW is pleased to assist corporations with 10 or more employees to take the important first step to sign the UN Global Compact and UN Women, Women’s Empowerment Principles CEO Statement of Support.

Canadian Signatories to the UN CEO WEPs Statement of Support are welcomed as honorary signatories to the CCEW. All signatories to the CCEW are presented with an official CCEW Empowerment Award Certificate.  If you are a signatory to the UN CEO WEPS contact us.  


Benefits to Signatories


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CCEW Recommended Resource List What you need to know about Women's Empowerment to get started - one page 


CCEW Historical Journey

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Our Partners


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