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Welcome to the BPW Canada's Virtual Club home page! We are very excited that you have taken interest in what continues to be an ongoing organic experiment in virtual connections and possibilities! To ensure the maximum use of this page please note the following:

  1. The President's Blog hyperlink will take you to a regularly updated blog where current information is posted. Here you can keep up with new information such as our teleconference series! We also post key news items as they become relevant.
  2. Our Facebook page is a great place to obtain quick updates and to find out a bit more about the club. For instance, you can view our photo albums on this page.
  3. The rest of this main page is dedicated to major announcements such as the yearly schedule for the teleconference series, and to archiving the evolution of the club. Please explore it at your leisure!

Who We Are
The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women Canada (BPW Canada) is an organization with a 80-year history that addresses the economic, political, social and employment conditions affecting working women. BPW Canada recognizes that women have different needs and time constraints throughout their careers and life stages. There are also a number of women engaged in work situations requiring mobility or living in areas without a local BPW clubs or who are otherwise unable to physically attend BPW meetings but still seek involvement in advocacy work for women as well as sistership and networking opportunities. On April 29, 2006, BPW Virtual Club was chartered to meet these growing needs.

What We Do
Due to the unique nature of BPW Virtual Club, the four pillars of BPW Canada are advanced in a different format.

Advocacy is accomplished by proposing and debating resolutions on public policy issues important to women, and lobbying the national government for change. BPW Virtual Club had its first resolution accepted at the Biennial Convention in Toronto in July 2006. This involved supporting Stephen Lewis in his efforts to get a new women-focused agency established at the United Nations.

Leadership is similar to other BPW clubs across Canada. Working on the executive or committees gives members skills that they can transfer to their business and personal lives. Our executive consists of a President, a Secretary/Treasurer and a Membership Chair. Our current committees are membership, newsletter, resolutions and personal development.

Personal Development is also different in an electronic or virtual forum, as we have meetings with guest speakers via teleconferences. Professional growth is accomplished with virtual seminars, such as the BPW Canada Career Skills modules, and with group discussions through MSN Messenger, blogs, Facebook and email..

Networking is also a challenge when members do not meet face-to-face. Networking is done electronically, with other BPW Virtual members, as well as other BPW clubs across Canada. Membership in BPW Virtual also allows participation in BPW International, BPW Canada, provincial and local clubs. Mentoring is also possible within BPW Virtual by members supporting and giving guidance to each other.

How We Work
One of the principal advantages of BPW Virtual Club is that women can access the club when time permits and from the comfort of their home or office. Our membership participates in interactive monthly meetings, and also communicates regularly by e-mail. BPW Virtual also publishes a quarterly e-newsletter, which features the club’s current activities.

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Special Notes for Viewers

1. Teleseminars are conducted by phone-in Teleconferencing with PowerPoint.

2. Upon receipt of your registration fee, you will receive access numbers for teleconferencing and power point slides when applicable.    

3. Funds collected for the above sessions pay for your teleconferencing charges. How much does that mean you have to pay? Here's the deal:

TOTAL (for BPW Members) is $25.00 or $5.00/session                  TOTAL (for non-BPW Members) is $35.00 or $7.00/session

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