The Four Cornerstones

BPW is about...Connection, Growth, Positive Change and a Voice at all levels of the organization:

  1. Grass Roots Local Club
  2. District or Region
  3. Provincial/State
  4. National
  5. International

The Membership Model is comprised of Four Cornerstones:

  1. Women's Issues
  2. Personal Development 
  3. Leadership Skills and Career Advancement
  4. Supportive Networking and Lasting Friendships

BPW Meets the Changing Needs of Members across time through Depth, Longevity & Diversity.

Membership in BPW is not about being all things to all people. Instead, it is about recognizing that by the very nature of our club's mandate we can offer a range of activities and opportunity for participation that can satisfy the unique needs and changing circumstances of each individual member. BPW as an organization for women fully recognizes that women throughout their career paths and life stages will desire different types and levels of participation. BPW offers its members an organization with longevity since (1930), with depth (local, provincial, national and international) and diversity with membership from across all occupational sectors.

Women's Issues – Advocacy and Awareness

  • Access to current information on issues affecting women.
  • Shaping, lobbying and influencing the world around us through resolutions, letters and briefs to governments at all levels.
  • Influence at United Nations as Category One Status through our international federation.
  • Debating the issues and developing background research for resolutions.
  • Insight into the big picture of our mandate "improving the economic, social, and political status of women".
  • BPW Canada's Resolutions Database

Personal Development

  • Formal: Monthly dinner meetings, guest speakers, special events, mentoring, provincial conferences, conventions and congresses.
  • Informal: Sharing/mentoring and learning from a diverse membership comprised of a wide range of occupations and experience.
  • Career Skills Achievement Program© offers members an economical, timely and practical skill development program. The General Studies Program offers programs in mentoring, time management, public speaking, meeting management, handling sexual harassment and business etiquette.

Leadership Skills & Career Advancement

  • Club activities and opportunities to serve in a range of leadership capacities: local club executive, provincial, national and international boards, multiple committees, and ad hoc initiatives at all levels of the organization.
  • Leadership Learning Modules and Webinars for BPW Canada members.
  • Learning to work with others and developing leadership skills that value and respect a healthy diversity of ideas, cultures and approaches can successfully position members for the advancement of their professional, personal and/or political aspirations.

Supportive Networking & Lasting Friendships

  • Club meetings and projects, district/regional meetings, provincial conferences, national conventions and international congresses.
  • Connection through club rosters, internet, and club committees.

BPW Canada Membership 

Membership Recognition

BPW Canada Leadership Years of Service Life Members

BPW Canada National Leadership

BPW Canada Leadership is presented at the BPW Canada Biennium Convention.

Nominations may come from clubs or provinces but may also come directly from individual members in good standing. Prior to 2014, only BPW Canada members were eligible.

2020 - Virtual

Kellly Franklin, BPW London, was the recipient of the 2020 BPW Canada Leadership Award. Kelly is the Founder of Courage for Freedom, a Canadian-based organization who exists to educate, train and certify front-line and community service providers on proven strategies and prevention tactics serves vulnerable victims of human trafficking and sexually exploited girls.

2018 - Ottawa, ON

Jami Young, BPW Saskatoon was the recipient of the 2018 BPW Canada Leadership Award. Jami is highly recognized and appreciated as one of Saskatoon's most involved community leaders, putting in hundreds of selfless hours each and every year. Jami’s commitment to philanthropy and volunteerism is unquestionable with contributions that have been substantial and far-reaching.

leadership bpw canada

Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla - BPW Canada Outgoing President, Jeanne Martinson - BPW Canada Leadership Chair, Jami Young - BPW Canada Leadership Recipient, Linda Davis - Incoming BPW Canada President

Press Release: BPW Canada Leadership Award 2018

2014 - Saskatoon, SK

Gerlinde Sarkar, BPW Saskatoon

gerlinde bpw canada leadership

2012 - London, ON

Dr. Carole Orchard, BPW London, was the award recipient.

BPW Canada President, Doris Hall (Left) and BPW Canada Leadership Chair, Teresa Habs (Right) presenting the award to Carole (Centre).

BPW Canada

2010 - Barrie, ON

Laura Noble of BPW London, was the award recipient.

Leadership Committee Member, Henrike von Platen of BPW Germany, presented the award to Laura (photo below).

BPW Canada Leadership

2008 - Winnipeg, MB

Sheila Crook of BPW London, Ontario, Linda Prafke of BPW Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Rachel Proulx of BPW Greater Sudbury, Ontario received the distinctive award for their outstanding leadership. Also nominated were Sharon Hale of BPW Greater Moncton and Dianne Matyas of BPW Kitchener-Waterloo.

The awards were presented by the President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women Chonchanok (Nok) Viravan of Thailand (photo below, Linda Prafke - left, Sheila Crook - right).

linda prafke leadership 2008 BPWC    sheila crook

Years of Service

BPW Canada recognizes members for their years of service at the BPW Canada Biennium Convention. Recognition is for 20 years and up of membership.

BPW Canada recognized the following members at the 2020 National Convention

60 Years of Service
Ruth Jesshope     Sault Ste Marie
50 Years of Service
Sharon Selkirk     Sault Ste Marie
45 Years of Service
Joan Macklin     Montreal
40 Years of Service  
Dora Cook     Sault Ste Marie
Emily Noble      Sault Ste  Marie
35 Years of Service
Sandra Franke     Barrie
30 Years of Service  
Barbara Coutu     Sault Ste Marie
Margaret Deane     St. Catharines
Anne Hodson     St. Catharines
Eva Main     London
Carol Wrightman     Barrie
Margo Wood     Online
25 Years of Service  
Linda Davis     London
Amy Langhorn     Saskatoon
Sylvia Hodgson     Barrie
Tracey Marshall     Brampton
Shannon MacNeill     Online
20 Years of Service  
 Stephanie D’Avolio     St. Catharines
 Kathryn Munn     London

BPW Canada members recognized at past BPW Canada Conventions*

Joined Prior to 1970    
Hanna Konkin   1954     Langley
Dormer Ellis   1959     North Toronto
Ruth Jesshope   1959     Sault Ste Marie
Anne Hodson   1966     St. Catharines
Leny Crum-Ewing   1968     North Toronto
Sharon Selkirk   1968     Sault Ste Marie


Joined 1970 - 1979    
Judy Hagarman   1971     Bowmanville
Kris McDonald   1971     Bowmanville
Joan Macklin   1971     Montreal
Ethel Clarke   1972     North Toronto
Valerie Clarke   1972     North Toronto
Valerie Dunn   1976     North Toronto
Phyllis Hemingway   1977     Cambridge
Emily Noble   1977     Sault Ste Marie
Patricia (Pat) Wepf   1979     Brampton


Joined 1980 - 1989    
Dora Cook   1980     Sault Ste Marie
Elaine Elliott   1980     Selkirk
Shannon MacNeill   1980     Online
Sharon Nicholls   1981     North Toronto
Suzanne Roy   1981     Brampton
Gerlinde Sarkar   1983     Saskatoon
Margaret Deane   1984     St. Catharines
Sandra Franke   1985     Barrie
Maureen McIntosh   1985     Greater Moncton
Suzanne Theriault-Mitton   1985     Greater Moncton
Mary Balfour   1986     Cambridge
Nancy Barnes   1986     Bowmanville
Shannon McEwing   1986     Online
JoanAnn Evelyn   1987     Durham
Teresa Habs   1987     Barrie
Doris Hall   1987     London
Joyce Marshall   1987     Durham
Wendy Sweet   1987     Greater Moncton
Dittie Voegele   1987     Brampton
Jill Worobec   1987     Langley
Barb Coutu   1988     Sault Ste Marie
Barb Hicks   1988     Bowmanville
Eva Main   1988     London
Sandra Katvala   1989     North Toronto
Carol Wrightman   1989     Barrie


Joined 1990 - 1999    
Margo Davidson-Wood   1990     Online
Maureen Forsyth   1990     Greater Sudbury
Sheila Crook   1991     Bowmanville
Karin Gorgerat   1991     Trenton & District
Barbara Hall   1991     Langley
Amy Langhorne   1991     Saskatoon
Toula Sakellaris   1991     Greater Sudbury
Roberta Bondar   1992     Sault Ste Marie
Donna Krynicki   1992     St. Catharines
Carm Michalenko   1992     Saskatoon
Patricia (Pat) Prez   1992     Brampton
Gerry Spence   1992     Trenton & District
Colleen Allan   1993     Selkirk
Linda Davis   1993     London
Carol Kollar   1993     Brampton
Cathy Nadjiwon   1993     Greater Sudbury
Sylvia Hodgson   1994     Barrie
Carole Holder   1994     North Toronto
Patricia (Pat) Keays   1994     Bowmanville
Patricia (Pat) Tiveron   1994     Brampton
Brenda Carpenter   1995     London
Sharon Leitch   1995     Belleville
Tracy Marshall   1995     Brampton
Gertrude Demecha   1996     Online
Heather Ellis   1996     Trenton & District
Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce   1996     London
Kim Beatty   1998     Durham
Nancy Broerse   1998     Niagara Falls

*Year joined is based on information each club reports to BPW Canada. Please report any missing or incorrect information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

BPW Canada LIfe Members**

Life membership in the Canadian Federation (BPW Canada) is conferred on a member by her club, in recognition of her contribution to all levels of the organization.

Sandra Franke   Barrie
Dottie Voegele   Brampton
Patricia (Pat) Wepf   Brampton
Mary Balfour   Cambridge
Phyllis Hemingway   Cambridge
Maureen McIntosh   Greater Moncton
Wendy Sweet   Greater Moncton
Suzanne Theriault-Milton   Greater Moncton
Julie Leclerc   Montréal
Joan Macklin   Montréal
Leny Crum-Ewing   North Toronto
Gertrude Demecha   Online
Roberta Bondar   Sault Ste Marie
Dora Cook   Sault Ste Marie
Ruth Jesshope   Sault Ste Marie
Sharon Selkirk   Sault Ste Marie

**Life member list is based on information each club reports to BPW Canada. Please report any missing or incorrect information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Gender Wage Gap Award

bpwo advocacy award congress2017

Congress 2017: Dr. Chonchanok Viravan, BPW International (BPWI) Chair Adjudicator and BPWI President Dr. Yasmin Darwich presenting the third place BPW International Power to Make a Difference Through Advocacy - Excellent Advocacy for Women to BPW Ontario (BPWO). Accepting on behalf of the BPWO clubs: BPWC President Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla and BPWO Past-President Linda Davis.

BPW Ontario's work with the Ontario Government’s Gender Wage Gap Steering Committee was noted.