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BPW Canada 45th Biennial Convention - Calgary, Alberta - August 12 - 14, 2016

2016 - The Centennial Year of Women's Suffrage: 100 Years of Canadian Women's Right to Vote

Convention 2016 Gala

During the 45th Biennial Convention in Calgary, Alberta, BPW Canada marked the Centennial Year of Women's Suffrage.  One hundred recipients, organizations that work hard each and every day across Canada to advance women, received the BPW Canada Centennial Recognition Awards. The list of recipients can be accessed here.

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BPW International Leaders' Summit/CSW60 - March 2016


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BPW Spain Convention 2016

BPW Canada's First VP (2016 - 2018) was invited to be part of panel discussions on Gender Equality at the 2016 BPW Spain Convention.

Linda was joined by other BPW International members such as BPW International President, Yasmin Darwich, Regional Co-Ordinator, Bessie HIronimus and BPW International President (2005 - 2008) Nok Viravan.

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Women's W.O.R.K. (Women Offering Resources and Knowledge) is a charitable organization with the objective of providing funding to support seminars sponsored through BPW clubs across Canada. These seminars, open to the public, must be specifically centred on helping women increase their knowledge in areas that will help them to become successful in business and politics and to provide information on issues specific to women.

Donating to Women's W.O.R.K. is a tax-efficient way to support BPW through recognition (co-workers, associates) or in memoriam contributions. 

Donate to Women's W.O.R.K. via CanadaHelps

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