upfordebate toolkit

The Mobilization Toolkit has everything you need to support Up for Debate and mobilize those around you. It provides information about the campaign, tips to engage candidates and parties online and in person, and all that you need to know to organise your own local debate.

Up For Debate is a campaign coordinated by an alliance of women’s rights and gender equality advocates from across Canada. We call for the human rights of all women, trans, non-binary and Two Spirit people to be fully respected, protected and upheld. Action is needed on serious threats and rollbacks to the rights of women, trans, non-binary and Two Spirit people in Canada and around the world, from staggeringly high rates of gender-based
violence, to the persistence of the gender wage gap.

During the 2019 federal election campaign, we call on all federal party leaders in Canada to:

  • Publicly articulate their plans to take action in support of women’s rights and gender equality; and,
  • Participate in a federal leaders’ debate on women’s rights and gender equality."