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Islamic Law (shari

Sub-Category: GENERAL
Resolution Number:600.10.146
Club:Pentictonand Selkirk
Province:British Columbia, Manitoba

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada to review and amend the Arbitration Act of 1991 and enact legislation to ensure:1. That all legally binding procedures and agreements in all family, civil and criminal matters are and will remain based on secular Canadian law and uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 2. That the laws, procedures and agreements that undermine, nullify or displace equality rights or jeopardize human rights not be upheld or enforceable under Canadian law, and 3. That alternative proceedings such as arbitration or agreements arising out of religious or other law must be subject to review by the courts on the merits based on secular Canadian law whether or not such alternative proceedings or agreements were consensual, open, private or recorded.AND FURTHER BE ITRESOLVED that BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada and the Provincial BPW Organizations to urge the individual Provincial Governments to undertake a gender equality analysis of all existing or proposed laws or procedures that validate or enforce agreements made under religious or other laws, or any law that validates agreements that purport to be consensual and waive equality or human rights.


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