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Changes to the BNA Act

Sub-Category: GENERAL
Resolution Number:600.10.55

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada:a) To provide ample opportunity for the general public to discuss proposed changes;b) To invite organizations to present their views to the Government of Canada on this subject:FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT the incoming Board of Directors request representation at the first Conference on Women and the Constitution to take place in Ottawa on September 5 & 6, 1980, to convey our concerns re the proposed constitutional changes and to help ensure that any changes take full account of the particular situations, needs and requirements of women.AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT ongoing input into the Constitutional change process be a priority program during the 1980-82 Biennium.AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada presents to the Government of Canada, in 1980, a memorandum of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs proposals regarding amendments to the BNA Act.


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