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Exploitation of Young Females in the Sex Trade Industry - 2000

Sub-Category: GENERAL
Resolution Number:400.10.19

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada:To re-examine and evaluate the use, impact and enforcement of the various provisions of the Criminal Code dealing with the sex trade industry and make such amendments as are necessary to address the problem of importation, exploitation and indoctrination of girls and young women in the sex trade.To enact the 1990 Federal Standing Committee of Justice's recommendations that funds be committed to provide start-up and core funding to community-based agencies to develop and administer integrated, recovery and rehabilitative programs to enable females to leave the sex trade industry.To provide educational programs to national Associations of Chiefs of Police and members of the judiciary about child sexual exploitation so that the appropriate sanctions can be meted out to assist in the eradication of trafficking in females.


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