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Return of Funding for 3rd World Countries

Sub-Category: GENERAL
Resolution Number:400.10.15

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW CANADA strongly urges the Government of Canada to achieve the following:1. Recognize that before developing countries can become trading partners of any significance, they must develop healthy and educated (at least to the level of the basic literacy) labour forces.2. Establish funding and action to the principles stated in the 1995 update of CIDAs 1984 policy on Women in Development and Gender Equity:To increase women's participation as decision makers in the economic political, social and environmental spheres;To improve women's economic conditions, basic health, education and human rights;To promote activities aimed at eliminating discrimination against women; andTo support developing country partners in voicing their concerns on gender issues in development.3. Increase its percentage of GDP allocation to foreign aid year by year until it returns to the recommended 0.7% by the United Nations, or better, and emphasize issues of women's and children's education and health.


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