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UN International Year of Peace

Sub-Category: GENERAL
Resolution Number:400.10.12
Club:Medicine Hat

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada Biennial Convention recommend that Clubs choose from the following list approved at the International BPW Congress in 1985, those strategies that are feasible and relevant for the Federation and its Clubs to undertake during the 1986/88 Biennium in recognition of the International Year of Peace, 1986:1. Encourage members to take an active part in the preparation of books and programs on education for peace;2. Collaborate with government officials, peace researchers and other non-government organizations to encourage the participation of women in peace research with appropriate resources being provided for this research;3. Provide opportunities for members and other women to develop self-reliance and leadership capabilities in order to promote peace, disarmament, human rights and international co-operation more effectively; 4. Encourage women students to take university courses in government, international relations and diplomacy in order to obtain the necessary professional qualifications for careers relating to peace and international security; 5. Urges their governments to provide women with equal opportunities to join at all levels the civil service, to enter the diplomatic service and to represent their countries as members of delegations to national, regional, and international meetings, including conferences on peace, conflict resolution, disarmament and meetings of the Security Council and other United Nations bodies.


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