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Pact on Use of Atomic Energy

Sub-Category: GENERAL
Resolution Number:400.10.6
Club:National Federation B.P.W. Clubs, Great Britain and Ireland

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT in view of the devastating and undiscriminating effects of the atomic energy used for destructive purposes and the fact that the possibility of its use for similar purposes in the future must constitute a threat to humanity, this Convention urges His Majesty's Government to take the lead in securing that the new discovery be utilized for the benefit and not the destruction of mankind. With the end in view we suggest that the mutual trust which is an essential element in any lasting peace could best be secured by a Pact under which:a) The secret at present held by the Government of the U.S.A., Great Britain and Canada would be shared by all.b) Every Government would give a solemn undertaking to renounce its use for destructive purposes.c) Every Government would contribute its quota of financial help and scientific resources to help in the experiments for the purpose of utilizing the atomic energy in ways that will benefit all mankind.d) All experiments in connection with the use of atomic energy would be under international supervision and all the results mutually shared by all Governments.


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