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Requests for Royal Commission on Status of Women - 1966

Resolution Number: 300.60.1
Club: North Toronto
Province: Ontario
Year: 1966
Status: Resolved

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada makes representation to the Federal Government requesting that a Royal Commission be appointed to study the Status of Women in Canada on such matters as education opportunities, home and community services, employment in Federal and Provincial Government, labour standards and the legal treatment of women in respect to civil and political rights; andFURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT at least fifty per cent of those persons appointed to act on such a Commission be women; andFURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT upon publication of the report of such Royal Commission, that BPW Canada and the various Clubs in Canada be urged to study the report and make such representations as may be deemed proper to the Federal Government and to the Provincial Governments with a view to implementing desirable legislation.


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