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Pro-active Pay Equity Program - 1992

Sub-Category: EQUAL PAY
Resolution Number:300.40.7
Club:Surrey and Comte Roberval
Province:British Columbia and Quebec

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada reaffirm Resolution 1990/12 urging:The Government of Canada to legislate immediately, pro-active Pay Equity programs throughout the federal public sector and by federally regulated employers, using as a starting point the requirements of its own Regulations which apply to the implementation of the Equal Pay for Equal Work provisions of the Canadian Human Rights Code.That the CFBPWC urges Provincial BPW Organizations to:1. Work for the implementation of pro-active Pay Equity programs to be implemented in both the public sector and private sectors within the jurisdiction of their provincial governments, to speed up the process of eliminating discrimination in wages paid for the women's work", and2. Apply pressure on their provincial governments to ensure that the various provincial Human Rights Commissions and agencies are granted the resources and people necessary to effectively carry out their mandates."


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