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Employment Equity Act

Resolution Number:300.10.27

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada to amend the Employment Equity Act as follows:1. To compel each employer covered by the Act to set up plans, set goals and prepare a timetable by forecasts based on past years of operation, projected vacancies and availability of qualified designated group members in the employable population in the geographic region, and to report each year.2. To make sure that revisions to the Act contain methods of monitoring and enforcing the development and implementation of the Employment Equity plans and programs, and that there be sanctions and penalties of sufficient severity to ensure respect of the law, with specified minimum penalty and rewards and recognitions.3. To create a Commission of Employment Equity to be responsible of the implementation of the revised Act and that there be two parts to this Commission:a) The Employment Equity Office whose responsibility would be to issue publicity to inform the public, the employers and the employees of their rights and responsibilities under the law; to monitor, report and enforce the implementation of this Act, andb) The Employment Equity Hearings Tribunal which would resolve Employment Equity disputes between employers and employees which cannot be settled either in the workplace or by the Employment Equity Office; the recommendations of this Tribunal should be binding.


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