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Employment Equity Act

Resolution Number:300.10.22

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada:1. To ensure that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has sufficient resources to effectively perform their mandate under the Employment Equity Act;2. To develop stronger incentives for eligible employers to implement employment equity program in their workplaces; and to immediately amend the Employment Equity Act, 1986 to require:1) That the plan of goals and the timetable which the employer must prepare each year so as to implement employment equity, according to Section 5(1) of the Act, shall be incorporated in the annual reports required to be made under Section 6 of the Act; and2) That these employers' plans for the implementation of the employment equity be monitored by the designated agency, i.e.: the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and the goals and timetables assessed at the same time as the Commission reviews the results reported in the occupational and salary data reports required under Section 6 of the Act.FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT if the above resolution is accepted at the 1990 Convention, the CFBPWC delete the following Policy Resolutions, which are updated by this motion, which calls for plans to be developed and reported by the employer, and monitored by the Canadian Human Rights Commission:1. Resolution 1986/19 which urges that employers be required to maintain their policies and plans for employment equity, and that these be monitored by the Employment Equity Commission" - (on final passage of the Act, the idea of a separate Employment Equity Commission was not implemented).2. Resolution 1986/25 which urged the use of Goals and Timetables in the Employment Equity Act. (They were not required at all until the final draft of the Act)."


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