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Free Trade

Resolution Number:300.10.19

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada strongly urges the Federal Government and in particular, the Ministers on International Trade and Finance, the Secretary of State and the Employment and Immigration Commission to:1. Be vigilant in monitoring and assessing the impact of the Free Trade arrangement on Canadian women to ensure the arrangement does not adversely affect the employment status and opportunities of Canadian women or those legislative and social program such as equal pay and affirmative action which positively benefit Canadian Women;2. Consult and assist Canadian women to develop and establish economic goals and priorities which would form part of the basis of economic policy in Canada;3. Ensure that prospective job loss caused by the arrangement in such labour intensive industries as clothing, textiles and electrical products, manufacturing, which employ a large proportion of females is countered with ready access to alternative employment opportunities and retraining program, opportunities for relocation and adjustment assistance program fostering adjustment to new working conditions and is countered also by ensuring strict adherence to the ten year phase-in provision in these industries; and4. Provide training program and ensure employment opportunities for women in the areas of predicted job growth under the arrangement, such as the service sector.


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