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Traditional Skill Program

Resolution Number:300.10.9

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada to increase female representation in non-traditional skill program (institutional and industrial) by: a) Establishing an Information Fund from which monies could be allocated to Professional Associations such as Women in Science and Engineering, Trade Associations such as Women in Trades and other women's groups, who would use these funds to develop vocational and employment materials in their particular field. b) Increasing opportunities for women to develop the confidence they need to enter non-traditional skill programs by increasing the number of bridging programs available. Such programs would include life skill, coping with a non-traditional environment, computer literacy, exposure to non-traditional occupations, and academic upgrading with particular emphasis on math and science. The programs could be offered through Community Colleges or other appropriate institutions. c) Reassessing the training allowances and dependent care allowances (effective August 29, 1983) available under the National Training Act with a view to providing additional incentives for women entering the non-traditional skill programs.


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