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Creation of a National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

Resolution Number:800.10.19

THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada endorses “Connecting the Dots: A Proposal for a National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking”, containing recommendations to address human trafficking, and FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada, through all relevant departments, to implement Recommendations I-XIV of “Connecting the Dots”; namely: Recommendations I-XIV from “Connecting the Dots”: Recommendation I – Review and amend immigration regulations and policy to provide effective counter human trafficking point of entry services. Recommendation II – Develop and implement a tailored strategy within the National Action Plan to address trafficking of First Nations women and children. Recommendation III – Use diplomatic protocols to promote regional and international partnerships and policies to combat human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. Recommendation IV – Develop policies and regulations to combat forced labour and child labour abroad. Recommendation V – Limit and monitor the international travel of convicted Canadian child sex offenders. Recommendation VI – Creation and implementation of an extensive public awareness campaign. Recommendation VII – Provide adequate funding for NGOs to deliver care, counseling, shelter and assistance to victims. Recommendation VIII – Develop and implement federal policy to assist international victims of human trafficking to return to their country of origin. Recommendation IX – Develop a National Referral Mechanism to provide rapid connection to points of service. Recommendation X – Create an independent National Rapporteur for Human Trafficking. Recommendation XI – Review and amend Canada’s solicitation legislation. Recommendation XII – Commit to additional resources for the training and education of judges, prosecutors and law enforcement on human trafficking legislation. Recommendation XIII – Review and implement legislation as necessary to ensure that all forms of human trafficking are denounced under Canadian law. Recommendation XIV – Facilitate the creation of regional human trafficking taskforces


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