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Osteoporosis - 2000

Sub-Category: GENERAL
Resolution Number:700.20.19

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada, in general, and, in particular Health Canada to:Acknowledge that Osteoporosis is a national health priority - on par with breast cancer, diabetes and other chronic conditions.Establish a special parliamentary committee to address the needs of Canadians with Osteoporosis.Develop a clinical perspective, evidence-based medicine for Osteoporosis care as a foundation for standardized treatment guidelines and outcome measures.FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED BPW Canada urges the Government of Canada, in general, and in particular Health Canada, in co-operation with provincial ministries of health, to develop and implement a co-coordinated national/regional strategy to:To optimize peak bone mass during the first 20 years of life;Improve knowledge and awareness about Osteoporosis among Canadians about risk factors for Osteoporosis and the importance of bone health; andStandardize treatment guidelines and outcome measures so that Canadians with Osteoporosis receive comparable and appropriate care regardless of economic status and geographical location; andAssist Canadians with Osteoporosis in performing daily living activities and in living independently in the community, thus promoting self-reliance and improving quality of life; andDesignate significant funding commensurate with the scope of the burden imposed by Osteoporosis for basic science, applied and clinical research, and improved delivery of care.FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT BPW Canada and the BPW Provincial Organizations urge their Provincial Ministries of Health, in co-operation with Health Canada, to develop and implement a co-coordinated national/regional strategy to address the prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and management of Osteoporosis as identified above.


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