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Formation of Women's Coordinating Committee

Sub-Category: GENERAL - HEALTH
Resolution Number:700.10.10
Province:British Columbia

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the President be requested, and she is hereby authorized, to take all steps necessary for the formation of a Women's Coordinating Committee, to be known as such or by any other suitable name, to be comprised of representatives of this Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs and other women's national groups in Canada which are organized with relation to businesses, professions or occupations, or whose membership depends upon engagement in business, a profession or other gainful occupation; the purpose of such Committee to co-ordinate, plan, support and further the economic and legislative aims and purposes and interests of women in gainful occupations in Canada; andThe President is hereby further authorized to delegate her authority in this respect in part or in whole to any officer of the Federation or to any Special Committee appointed by her for the purpose; and further is authorized to expend monies of the Federation in such sums as may be necessary to effect the organization of such a Coordinating Committee, as may be approved from time to time by the Board of Directors.FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT the matter of a so-called Coordinating Committee" be referred back to the Clubs for study in the next two-year period, and that the new Board of Directors appoint a Committee to make a full study of the plan and present to the Clubs and report to the Board.Suggestion Brought to Board Meeting, Winnipeg, April 1943:President authorized to consult with other women's national organizations to find out their reaction to a suggestion that this Canadian Federation be enlarged by taking in other national groups (Women's Institute, National Council of Women. etc.) for more united action on political or economic issues affecting women."


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