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Royal Commission on Penal System

Sub-Category: GENERAL - HEALTH
Resolution Number:700.10.8

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT a letter be sent to the Minister of Justice, with a copy of same to the Prime Minister of Canada, stating that while appreciating that Canada cannot, during the war, expend money on building new penal institutions or modernizing old buildings, this Federation urges the immediate implementation of the Report of the Royal Commission to investigate the Penal System of Canada, 1938 (Chairman, Hon. Mr. Justice Joseph Archambault) by the appointment of three Commissioners suggested in that Report. This Report was prepared by qualified men, at considerable cost to the people of Canada, presented and accepted by the Government in 1938. For the past five years the estimates of the Department of Justice have included an amount to cover the salaries of these three Commissioners. In fact, 66 of the 84 recommendations made in the Archambault Report could be implemented immediately with very little cost to the Government and would result in the rehabilitation of prisoners into civilian life, as well as train the necessary personnel, such as probation officers and other workers, for important penal institutional duties.


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