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Omit Decennial (1941) Census - 1941

Sub-Category: GENERAL - HEALTH
Resolution Number:700.10.7

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT we suggest to the Government that it does not take the decennial census this year for the following reasons: 1) that the National registration should supply the Government with much of the information usually secured by the taking of a regular census; 2) that a census during a state of war does not reflect the normal conditions and therefore is of limited value; 3) that money spent on taking a census could probably be used to better advantage in the prosecution of the war; !that due to the unusually small surplus of labour at the present time it might be difficult to handle the work of census-taking and compiling;4) !that there is likely to be a serious unemployment situation following the war which might be alleviated in a small way by the census-taking then.The Convention noted that Section 6, British North America Act, makes a census this year obligatory.


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