International Women's Day 2017: Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell delivers a speech in the House of Commons as 338 young women occupy seats of 338 ridings across Canada as part of the Daughters of the Vote program.  Click Here for the speech and article.


BPW Clubs Gear Up For 2015 Federal Election

BPW Regina

BPW Provincial President of Saskatchewan, Jeanne Martinson was interviewed by Global News to discuss a breakfast event hosted by BPW Regina to focus on women's role in politics and to increase women's political participation and interest. 

Watch the Interview here.

Women in politics champion:

"We want women leaders today as never before. Leaders who are not afraid to be called names and who are willing to go out and fight. I think women can save civilization. Women are persons."  - Emily Murphy, 1931

Women make up 52% of Canada’s population, yet we represent roughly 20% of elected politicians on municipal, provincial and federal levels. Research has consistently demonstrated that women approach many issues differently, to the greater benefit of all. There is an obvious need for greater gender balance when elected officials are making important decisions that affect the lives of all Canadians. BPW Canada believes that we will make greater progress on many issues when more women are represented in the Legislatures of this country.

  • In fall of 2007, we congratulated the Business and Professional Women’s clubs of Manitoba as they hosted a luncheon to recognize the 17 women who were elected to the Manitoba Legislature. History is being made.
  • In October of 2007, BPW Saskatchewan Clubs each held a breakfast to provide a platform and to support female candidates in the provincial election.
  • BPW Saskatoon member Judy Junor, MLA, Saskatoon, prepared and delivered a presentation on how to lobby government. She encouraged us to support women in politics through donations, volunteering to assist in campaigning, creating a platform for public speaking, encouraging women to take on leadership roles.
  • Kathryn Barnes, Moncton City Councillor and member of the Women in Government Committee of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, has been appointed “Regional Champion” for the committee. She put together a committee in Moncton recently, which included BPW Canada then 1st Vice-president Sue Calhoun among others, to strategize on ways in which to get more women involved in municipal elections.

We would like to ask that you share what each of your clubs is doing to promote or support women in politics, and we will include it on this page. If you need assistance with starting a project, check out some of the sites below to see what other women are doing or contact our Women in politics Champion. If you have a resource that you would like to share, please contact us and we will post them on the site.

  • June 2008. Federation of Canadian Municipalities Election Toolkit for Women: The Candidate's Guide to Municipal Elections. This election toolkit is designed to give women considering running for municipal office an understanding of the job, as well as to provide tips and strategies for running a campaign. Read the document. (pdf) 
  • June 2008. Commentary: Hillary’s loss is women’s gain. By Dr. Kari Roberts, Senior Policy Analyst, and Janine Marshall Giles, Intern, Canada West Foundation. “Hillary Clinton is no loser. It’s true she lost the democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama, but she has made many gains for women in America and beyond. In fact, given the absence of any comparably prominent women in Canadian federal politics, Ms. Clinton’s record may be the best role model for aspiring young Canadian women today.” Read the full report (pdf).


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