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This Project Funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada


Feminist Response and Recovery Project

The Feminist Response and Recovery Project is designed to leverage the heightened awareness and societal sensitivity to how gender and intersectional factors have disproportionately impacted Canadian women throughout the COVID-19 crisis. It recognizes the importance of ensuring that the individual experiences and unique needs of all Canadian women in all their diversity are included in the post-COVID-19 recovery plans of key stakeholders. The project uses an intentional inclusive outreach and engagement strategy to build capacity for informed intersectional gender-based equality and solution-building by Canadian businesses, community organizations and government stakeholders. It acknowledges that it will take collaborative multi-stakeholder partnerships to address the systemic vulnerabilities and gender-based bias and inequities highlighted by the pandemic. In addition, the project’s gender equality innovation challenge will spark a variety of innovative IDEAS – for Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Access, and Solutions in Canada’s workplace, marketplace and communities.

More information about the BPW Canada and CCEW Feminist Recovery Project >>

The Project Steering Committee will be formed in keeping with the project intent and seek diverse representation from clubs across Canada.

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BPWCanada 2021 Feminist Recovery Project Slides 5 Point Plan