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International Affairs Chair, Linda Davis


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International Affairs Chair, Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla


                                                                      Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla

As First Vice President of BPW Canada, I feel privileged to chair the areas of International Affairs and Communications as we commence this biennium. At our first executive meeting after the national convention in Saskatoon, I could sense the desire of the national executive committee to enhance communication with the 39 local clubs across the nation; and, as I travelled across the country from Saskatchewan to Alberta and then from Ontario to British Columbia within the first two months of assuming office, I heard repeatedly from our members that they also want to develop stronger ties to national so that they can receive overall direction, guidance and support that is relevant to today’s modern business and professional women in Canada.

With that in mind, it is my pleasure to present our shared objectives for 2014-2016 in the area of communications to improve our interactions in Canada while also focusing on strengthening our bond with BPW International.

  1. To regularly update our national website so that Canadian and international audiences can be informed of the most recent work of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women, as well as understand its proud history and legacy;
  2. To update the executive and members’ sections on our national website so that there is timely and effective information being transmitted to the executive and members so that they can make short term and long term decisions locally as well as maximize their participation nationally and internationally;
  3. To release 1-2 newsletters per year so that members are informed of the key highlights of the term;
  4. To share resources at all levels, local, national and international so that we are not re-inventing the wheel;
  5. To build capacity from within our organization, to foster partnerships with like minded organizations such as ours; and;
  6. To fortify our position through consultation, dialogue, and constructive exchange of ideas to advance women in the workplace, in the community, and around the world.

While the above set of goals may be ambitious, I feel that our members across Canada are determined and prepared to take BPW Canada to the next level. In September 2015, when parliament opened for its first sitting, BPW Canada (through the Green Party leader, Elizabeth May) presented its first petition to the House of Commons in Ottawa on “Equal Pay for Equal Work” and this was a very significant and admirable moment. It is the commitment of our dignified members, noble partners, and generous supporters that energize us to reach greater heights. It is with this energy that I look forward to this biennium.

I thank you for your dedication and loyalty to our mandate of improving the economic, employment, political and social conditions of all Canadian women.

Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla, BA, JD, RCIC

First Vice-President, BPW Canada

BPW International (BPWI) has a new website filled with resources and information. Click HERE to visit their site.

BPW International executive includes a Young BPW Representative who represents the interests of those under 35 years of age.  If you're 35 or younger this may be of great interest to you.  

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Ketlin Tackman

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